Welcome to Carnivore Crisps! The passion project of 25+ years in the meat industry.

I'm here to say that once you try our crisps you will never look back. The deep flavors and portability of this product along with the tremendous health benefits of Grass Fed and Free Range proteins, bringing our world full circle back to the native lands working with clean minimalistic ingredients - whole muscle, fats, and the best REAL SALT on the planet, and we bring you Carnivore Crisps.


Made with real salt and real salt | 11g of proteins per serving | Carnivore diet approved | Keto friendlt | No hormones added


We have the following flavors for you to choose from:

- Grass Fed Ribeye

- Grass Fed Top Sirloin

- Grass Fed Beef Liver

- Grass Fed Eye of Round

- Grass Fed Beef Brisket

- Grass Fed Pork Loin

- Free Range Elk

- Free Range Leg of Lamb

- Free Range Chicken Breast

visits us at: https://carnivorecrisps.com/