Secure link to manage subscription:


What is the monthly subscription?

You tell us what jerky you want and we will ship you the jerky for every month you sign up for. 


When will the subscription start?  

Your subscription will start at the day of your checkout. For example, if you signed up for a 3 month subscription on October. Your subscription will end on December.


When will I be charged for regular subscription?

We will automatically charge you for every delivery. The default delivery frequency is once per month. 


When will I be charged for pre-paid subscription?

For pre-paid subscription, it is a one time payment for the number of months you want to sign up. After the initial payment, there will not be any future payment for your remaining subscription months. 


Why does it show subscription canceled for my pre-paid subscription?

It will show that your pre-paid subscription was canceled so that it will not charge you for future delivery. You will still receive your monthly jerky for the months that you have signed up for.


How do I renew my subscription?

If you will like to continue your subscription once it is over, you can send a request with the use of the contact form in manage my subscription. 


Please use the contact from in your manage subscription window for all issues regarding the subscription.