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JoJo’s was founded in the Las Vegas Valley in Clark County, Nevada.

JoJo's best criticJojo’s Jerky actually started as Hans’ Homemade Jerky, by Hans Hippert. When we started, the jerky wasn’t for sale; it used as gifts for friends and family. One day, Hans brought his tasty treat to a friends house, where his friends family would always appreciate and enjoy the jerky, especially his friend’s son Jonathan. Jonathan would go crazy for the jerky, always asking, “When is uncle Hans going to come over and bring me some more jerky.”
I can remember even when Jonathan lost his front teeth… he would still ask me to make him beef jerky! Well it would come to be that Jonathan (nicknamed “JoJo”) would become Hans’ number one taster.

Children can be brutally honest and JoJo was no different, he would say what was on his mind. Hans knew the issues and worked on them until he finally got it right. The promise to JoJo was that when the company would come to be it would be proudly named after him, that and all the jerky he could ever want.

So with great pride, we give you the result of all that hard work, and Hans’ constant strive to be the best, using only the freshest, all natural ingredients and never using preservatives we give you …”JoJo’s Jerky!!” So share some with your family and friends and make some great memories of your own.

To all of you, from all of us at JoJo’s Jerky, we hope you enjoy our authentic jerky!

Thank you and enjoy!

Hans Hippert