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WARNING! This is THE HOTTEST Beef jerky and Peppers you will ever have. When you purchase this product you are taking your own risk at injury if you are not prepared for the heat contained within. Our Exclusive BLACK LABEL Collection! Carolina Reaper,Trinidad scorpion,Ghost peppers, OH MY! We used the top 3 but we also didn't forget about the habenero,...

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Wasabi Horseradish Prime Rib Beef Chunks Original Pepper Chunks El Gaucho Brazilian Beef Carne Asada Chunks Tennesee Jack Jerky (Chunks) A super savory 6-pack of flavor!

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All 9 of our exclusive handmade flavors! Get the grill ready! We have marinades, bbqs and the best hot sauces this side of the Rio Grande River. There's a flavor for everyone, classic bbqs, flavorful marinades,and spicy sauces that'll clear those sinuses right out! If you love to cook this set is for you! Caribbean Jerk Marinade Curry Marinade  Hell...

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All 3 of our NEW Bacon Flavors in one sweet hot bundle!  Triple Threat Bacon (HOT) Caribean Jerk Bacon BBQ Bacon (Sugar Free)

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8 Pack of our handmade seasoning blends. Perfect for chicken wings, popcorn, steaks, roasts, BBQ, slow cooker meals, chicken, lamb, venison, elk, moose, bear, pheasant, trout, salmon and.....heck just put it on everything!  Fresh Catch Fish Rub Caribbean Jerk Ranch BBQ  Crab & Shrimp Boil Triple Threat  Pepper Hell on Earth Share it with everyone or don't and be selfish!...

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To celebrate our debut on Animal Planet’s AWESOME show Tanked we’re going a little nuts – Sweet and Sour Ginger Basil Peanuts! We just know that tasting our Teriyaki Beef Jerky and our Caribbean Jerk Beef Jerky will remind you of this episode and the amazing Tank they created for us. We hope you enjoy the show! You Get: 1...

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5 Burning jerky flavors! Set the flavors on fire with a bundle of our hottest tastes! Hell on Earth Beef Jerky Triple Threat Beef Jerky Carloca Spicy Carne Asada Beef Jerky Sweet Heat Spicy Thai Chili Beef Jerky   Triple Threat Beef Jerky Sticks  2 Hot Rubs ! Set the grill on fire! Triple Threat & Hell On Earth

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All Five of our 100% Vegan Cactus Jerky!

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Get 5 different packages of our bestselling jerky shipped to you every month. As an added bonus get a FREE Dry Rub for your first month! Subscription renews automatically so you always have jerky on the way! PS: To unsubscribe please login to your JoJo's account and unsubscribe within 15 days before the end of your month. Thanx - JoJo

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All Three of our great handmade treats! Your furry family will love you! Turkey Strips Beef Patties Beef Chunks