Hans Hippert - Owner Jojos Jerky

Some of the best jerky, sauces, marinades, spices, rubs, nuts and dog treats I have found is at JoJo’s Jerky.

Developed in Las Vegas, JoJo’s Jerky started as Hans Homemade Jerky by Hans Hippert. The jerky wasn’t for sale but was made as gifts for friends and family. Hippert brought his tasty treat to a friend’s house and his friend’s son Jonathan would go crazy for the jerky, always asking, “When is uncle Hippert going to come over and bring me some more jerky?” Jonathan (nicknamed “JoJo”) would become Hippert’s number one taster.

Children can be brutally honest and JoJo was no different. Hippert knew the issues and worked on them until he finally got it right in a truly artisanal way, without cutting any corners. The promise to JoJo was that the company would be proudly named after him. Some 13 years later, customers can see the result of all that hard work, and Hippert’s constant desire to do things the right way;  using only the freshest, all natural and all U.S. ingredients  including ultra-premium jerky, nuts, spice rubs, marinades and hot sauces…


  • May 03, 2016
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