Do you have a recipe that is better than anything on the market and feel that it would sell hundreds, or thousands ? Or you have a brand Idea and you need some products to fill your portfolio ?

We can help! We specialize in hand made, high quality products. Each batch is made with the care that you would use at home, but under USDA and FDA regulations and facility.

If you want to bring a product to market and don't want to have the huge costs of buying equipment, developing HACCP plans, insurance employees etc we have got you covered.

For a small fee we can R and D a new product line, provide samples and then do all production and packing so you get a finished product to your door. 

If you want to bring your product to Amazon, we can get you there and even offer fulfilment and or FBA services. Take your idea to the next level.

We also offer distribution services with our partners. Make the move and make your dream a reality! Contact if you are interested.

Hans Hippert