"Hands down the highest quality dog treat money can buy!" - Eric in San Diego, CA

Don't take our word for it, try it yourself. Made by hand in the same facility that we make our other Jerky. It is the same process and the same USDA standards that we use for our other products. 

We guarantee that your dog will love our treats or you will get your money back!*

Hand trimmed, grass-fed, top sirloin, all-natural chicken breast. We even make burgers and sliders for your older pup. We LOVE what we do and it shows. 

Top ten dog treats were started 8 years ago after Hans ( and Guinness) would make beef jerky at home. Guinness would sit patiently next to my side while I trimmed top sirloins to make jerky for my friends and family. Hans would meticulously trim the beef and toss Guinness a piece to keep his attention. He would keep me company for hours and had an amazing focus during my work. 

Back then the only treats on the market were some fake bacon, or some crap sent over from China without any standards. Dogs were dying and someone had to something. So with that came the idea for TOP TEN dog treats. It was named because it was top sirloin cut and in the beginning, it was mainly the tendons and beef I cut off the Sirloin. Great chew and amazing flavor! I would soon after follow my dream and start JoJo's Jerky, a beef jerky company. 

I had always been conscious of recycling, and respecting the animal and using every part of it. From tallow candles to the dog treats, everything was used, so Top Tens was a natural fit for my business. 

Now almost 10 years later I bring to you with great pride, our amazing products. Made in the same USDA facility that our other fine products are made. With the same time and care that you would expect for your best friend. 

Enjoy a bag or our whole selection today, and make some memories of your own. 

Hans Hippert

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